Razzi Writes #21

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Last night Davidd allowed us all to stay up late and watch Radiohead at Glastonbury. It was indeed late because they didn’t start their coverage until 10pm so it was going to be getting on for 1am before they finished. We are all great fans of Radiohead here at Jammy Toast and it has to be said they did not disappoint any of us. Captivating, inspiring and achingly stunning – Radiohead delivered a typically Radioheadesq sort of set for the festival’s opening night.

Radiohead Fans Attacked By Islamists

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Here at Jammy Toast we don’t often get involved with politics, or religious bigotry for that matter, but the time has come for us to speak out. Surely part of any religion must be to live and let live. No religion, or its followers, has the right to impose its will or beliefs on anyone else – and that includes Islamists. However, this is what has happened in Istanbul in Turkey. One of our favourite groups Radiohead, have also condemned an attack on people listening to their new album at a record store.