Rum Babas

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Last Saturday, Great Uncle Bimbo shared his memories of Saturdays when he was a young bear and happened to mention Rum Babas. These were cakes that he would have as a special treat after his lunch with Davidd and Da every Saturday. In case you missed Bimbo’s post last Saturday, Rum Babas are lovely yeast-risen cakes soaked in rum syrup and topped with cream and a cherry. Once the darling of French cuisine and available in most supermarkets over here, they seem to have fallen out of favour and are now very difficult – if not impossible – to find.

On Saturday Afternoons In 1973

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Proof, if it were needed, that Da read the Tiger!

One of our favourite Rickie Lee Jones songs is “On Saturday Afternoons In 1963”. It is a beautiful song; an evocation of her childhood weekend memories. I think it basically tells the story of how – as you grow older – time travels ever faster. Weeks and years rush by as adults, caught in their repetitive cycles, in a way that’s simply not true for children. The song reminds us of how fresh the world once seemed, and how a child’s inquisitive spirit makes everything seem fresh and new and memorable – in a way more real. Davidd and I were too young to remember 1963 but we did used to have fun on Saturday afternoons in 1973. Today, I thought I would share these memories with you.