Jammy Toast Fans #15

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Scarlett Moffett models our all-new design Jammy Toast t-shirt.

Who could we get to model the all-new Jammy Toast t-shirts but our old friend from Gogglebox, Scarlett Moffatt. We do not watch Celebrity Jungle here at Jammy Toast, all those maggots, spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies tend to upset the bears and give Razzi nightmares. We also can’t stand Ant and Dec and so seeing as all Scarlett does these days is Jungle or Ant and Dec shows we are pretty much deprived off anything involving Scarlett. Please Scarlett, go back to Gogglebox – we miss you!

Razzi Writes #52

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Hello everyone, it is my time to write for Jammy Toast again so here goes… Here at Jammy Toast we are great fans of Gogglebox and our favourite telly-watcher is none other than Scarlett. She is great and always seems to come up with the saying that steals the show. Recently she has lost a lot of weight in quite a short time. According to reports in the press – if they are to be believed – she has gone from a size 16 down to a size 10. She has lost that much weight we now hear she is going to release a fitness DVD in time for Christmas. All I can say to that news is; “Well, I never saw that one coming!”

Scarlett’s Words Of Wisdom

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If there is one programme on the telly that brings all the bears to attention, it is Gogglebox. You can forget about Leon and June’s years of wisdom, here at Jammy Toast there is only one star of the Channel 4 shows worth listening to when it comes to… well just about everything really – and that is Scarlett Moffatt. The likes of Leon and June might have years on her, but when it comes to politics, religion and even television, no-nonsense Scarlett has the inborn ability to cut through everything and say just what we are all thinking. So, in honour of her ability to hit nails on the head so precisely whilst simultaneously making us crack up, here are some of her greatest pearls of wisdom…

We Love Scarlett!

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Everyone knows of our love for everything to do with the telly so if you were asked what was our favourite telly programme at the moment you wouldn’t be far from the mark if you suggested Gogglebox – the programme where we watch people watching the telly. In fact, one of the new loves in Razzi’s life is none-other than Scarlett Moffat from the couch loving show. She has quickly become our favourite from the show thanks to her blunt one-liners and sassy Geordie charm. However, we were shocked to hear that she is being trolled by some mean viewers who choose to focus on her appearance.