The Big Secret Is Revealed

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The other week we told you that we were going to reveal a huge big secret but that we had to wait until all the pieces were in place before we could make the revelation. We didn’t want anything to go wrong at the last minute and leave someone who is very special to us disappointed. Unfortunately the secret took a little longer to resolve than we had originally hoped – hence the delay. In fact, if truth be told, someone seriously let us down and in the end we had to hand it over to Razzi to “have a word!” and resolve the situation. We are sorry to be all cloak and dagger about the matter but it is such a big surprise for the person concerned we just really do not want to spoil it. However, today we can reveal, Flat Eric has a son!

No Secret Revelation… YET!

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We were hoping to have some great news to reveal tonight but unfortunately it has not come about. We are not going to reveal exactly what the news is but safe to say it is going to make someone extremely happy. Myself and a few of the bears who are in on our little secret are honour bound not to reveal what is going on to the person concerned but we know he is going to be very happy. However, before you all start guessing what is about to be revealed we can inform everyone that it is not a sex slave for Razzi!