Pie In The Sky?

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You can always tell when Christmas is just around the corner because all the silly stories start coming out of the woodwork. However, this one really did make us laugh. A meat and potato pie has been sent “into space” attached to a weather balloon. The pioneering delicacy was launched from Roby Mill, Wigan, ahead of the World Pie Eating Championship being held this week. The aim is to see if its journey up to 100,000ft changes the molecular structure of the pie and will thus make it quicker or easier to eat. It is believed this is the first pie to be launched into the stratosphere.

Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #15

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One of the most exciting times I can remember from when I was a young bear was when man first walked on the moon. It is unbelievable that those events took place over 40 years ago now but at the time they were so exciting, the whole world held its breath listening to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. This has come to mind because the other night I was listening to the Kennedy Library audio feed between the Apollo 11 and Houston during their flight in July 1969.

Bears Hold Secret To Space Travel

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It’s one small step for bears but it could be a giant leap for mankind. A new study has revealed how the fury mammals manage to stop their bones from wasting away during long winter hibernations. Furthermore, scientists now believe this means bears may hold the key to long-distance space travel. Biologists reckon their discovery could one day enable humans to visit some of the furthest planets in our solar system. Space explorers are currently hamstrung by the negative effects weightlessness has on the human body.