Monaco Bear

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For some time now, Razzi has been asking if we could get him a Steiff Bear as a little companion. Although he already has Pookie, I thought it might be a good idea. Because of the history of the Steiff Company, to bring one of their bears to join us here at Jammy Toast would be fantastic. After searching for a while, we discovered that the most expensive Steiff Bear ever sold was a Steiff Monaco Bear which sold for £130,190. It was dressed by Louis Vuitton and sold at a charity auction in Monaco. Razzi said he had to have one of those!

The Life Of Margarete Steiff

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Margarete Steiff was born in Giengen, Germany on 24th July 1847. Margarete was a very lively, well-built child and led a carefree life until she became ill with polio before her second birthday. She was destined never to walk and to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her mother, above all, found this very difficult. She would have to care for her daughter for as long as she lived. Her daughter would never be able to take on the role of housewife and mother and, at the time, it seemed as though she had absolutely no prospects for the future.