Lestly In The Hizzouse #7

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Ihave always been one of those rare birds in New York who drives a car. It usually takes twice as long as taking the subway but at least I don’t have to wear my bus pants. This might explain why I have always had a fascination for the subway. If only I had kept a diary of my exploits I would probably have been able to write a book right about now. Back in the day I used to take a daily commute on #2 into the World Trade Centre. I think that subway car is the only place on this planet where you can rub shoulders with company chairmen, politicians, electricians, traders, actors, singers, musicians, artists, construction workers and fashion models all in the same place.

Ever Found A Caesar In Your Salad?

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Subway have created a puzzle to mark the launch of the sandwich giant’s new Salad of the Day promotion and the introduction of Caesar sauce in all stores nationwide – and we’re hooked. The feast of lettuce, tomato and cucumber appears to depict a normal nutritious salad – but there is one special addition among the produce. Can you find Caesar in the Salad? – The latest puzzle to baffle Brits – features Julius Caesar, the notorious Roman ruler, hiding among the leaves and sweetcorn.

Secret Menus

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McDonald’s Monster Big Mac!

The Internet has been awash with stories of secret food items available off-menu to those in the know among fast food fans but it’s always been thought it was an American phenomenon. Here at Jammy Toast we decided test the UK and found, with a little effort, you can get more or less anything from McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Subway. We sent intrepid and very hungry reporter Erik out to try and get the secret menu items and the results he found were delicious!