Bears Have The Answer!

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Here at Jammy Toast we have arguments from time to time. What’s on the telly, what are we doing today, what’s for breakfast – nothing serious but arguments nevertheless. We have a number of ways of solving the argument; the vote method, where everyone has a vote on what we do. Then there is the take turns method; well you had your way last time so I want my way this time. We have many methods of deciding on what we do but what we don’t do is start blowing each other up or trying to kill each other. The human race could learn a big lesson from our bears.

Razzi Writes #56

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In my last column, I asked was the world going mental. In this column, it is even more relevant that I ask that question after what happened yesterday afternoon. I am sitting here writing this just as the police announce that the police officer who died during yesterday’s terrorist attack was Keith Palmer who was 48, had been in the police force for 15 years and was a husband and father. Four other people have also been announced as dead. Do these people who attack Britain really think they can win?

The World Is Going Mad

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It’s a good job you never see us brushing our dog in the local park!

Here at the Bear Sanctuary we can’t help but think the world has gone mad. Two things bring us to this conclusion and they are both from today’s news. The first evidence of the lack of sanity in the world was a man who took a photograph of his daughter looking cute eating ice cream in a shopping centre in Braehead near Glasgow and was nearly arrested for terrorism. The second, and I think even more bizarre, was the case of a man who was fined £75 for brushing his dog in a local park! Believe me; we are not making any of these up!