Our Granny #14

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People of a nervous disposition should consider long and hard before reading this post. It features examples of a critically out of control Granny and the damage she has caused this month. Jammy Toast cannot be held responsible for any resultant damage from reading this post.

Each month we tell you of the havoc our Granny has wreaked on the world around her – well this month she has surpassed herself. Granny has single-handedly brought Tesco, Halifax, eBay and PayPal to their knees. Granny has a lot of grief remembering passwords and so it all started when she tried to login to her Halifax account. It would not allow her to access her account saying that her username and password were incorrect. Granny was beside herself thinking she might have been hacked or someone might have been using her password to gain entry – the state of Granny’s passwords this would not be very difficult. She contacted Halifax to tell them she thinks her account might have been compromised and they did what all banks and building societies do under those circumstances, they suspended the account.

Our Tesco Online Experience

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The bears had no tea last night. We all had to go to bed hungry because of Tesco’s failure to deliver our Jammy Toast provisions. We placed our order online and selected a delivery slot between 1pm and 2pm. When 4.30pm arrived we decided it was time to check where our delivery had disappeared to. The lady on the phone checked for us and explained that there had been a delay but promised us faithfully that there would be a delivery, they just couldn’t tell us at what time. We were all relieved that at least our delivery would arrive and we would receive our Christmas cheer, or so we thought…

Tesco To Sell Liverpool’s Favourite Scran

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Much to the delight of Liverpudlians everywhere, Merseyside’s most popular scran is to be sold nationwide by supermarket chain Tesco. For decades the famous lamb stew has kept Liverpudlians on the go and there is nothing more welcoming on Merseyside than the distinct aroma of a pan of scouse on the go. The store is to sell the famous dish in a heat and eat pouch. Here at Jammy Toast, we are delighted at the move but we think the store could go further and start selling even more of our favourite local delicacies to help put a lining on the nation’s stomachs.