During The War…

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A row of houses in Livingstone Street, Birkenhead, which was destroyed by bombs during the Second World War. A crowd has gathered to survey the mound of rubble that is all that remains of a block of terraced houses. 27th September 1940.
[Photo courtesy of Liverpool Echo.]

The Chimpton and I were chatting the other day, when we touched upon the subject of some of the stories I have posted recently concerning my Grandparents. While we were chatting, I remembered a story my Grandfather had told me years ago about his time in the fire brigade during the blitz of World War II. As a youngster, I would spend weekends at his house being totally spoilt and listening to some of the stories he would tell me about his life – the stories were even more interesting when my Grandmother was out of earshot. The stories he told me from his youth in Oldham and his years running a shop in Birkenhead were always enthralling but I think my favourites were the stories from the war. It always makes me laugh when I watch Only Fools And Horses on the telly because every time Uncle Albert mentions the phrase, “During the war…” everyone runs for cover fearing another of his war-time stories. I was the complete opposite and could listen to my Grandfather for hours.

Holy Cross Shelter

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This month sees the 75th Anniversary of the Liverpool Blitz. Many people died during this month in 1941 as the Germans tried to destroy Liverpool Docks and Cammell Laird ship builders in Birkenhead to remove them from the war effort. There are many stories of bravery from this period of Merseyside history including stories my own Grandfather told me as a child. The following story appeared on the original Jammy Toast website on 9th August 2014