The Father Of Search

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Pictured above prior to the Opening Session of SIGIR 2013 are Gareth Jones, Principal Investigator, CNGL, Dublin City University with Stephen Robertson, Visiting Professor, University College London, Jonathon Fletcher, creator of the JumpStation search engine, Paddy Flynn, Director for Product Quality Operations EMEA, Google Ireland and Páraic Sheridan, Associate Director, CNGL.

This year has seen Google celebrate its 18th Birthday and during those years the search engine company has become a byword for internet searches. People don’t search the internet they Google it. However, they were not the first people to realise the importance of being able to find information on the Internet. That honour goes to a man by the name of Jonathon Fletcher who invented the modern search engine but, until a couple of years ago, was unaware of what he had accomplished.

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

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Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

It is the place where we go when we get bored of everything else. While there we can communicate to anyone without even speaking, we can meet people without either of us leaving home and we can do the shopping, sort out banking and watch movies at the click of a mouse. It is a repository for all the knowledge that mankind possesses and yet it is difficult to believe it, but the World Wide Web is now twenty five years old and has changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

Edward’s Column #29

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Hello everyone and welcome to my monthly technology column. I thought for the next few months I would tell you all who my heroes are in the technology field and also the reason why. I have followed all aspects of computing for a very long time and so some of the people I admire are from bygone decades but they all have one thing in common – they made computing more popular for the masses. Don’t forget, not so long ago computers were only available to people who had vast amounts of money and space to keep them in whereas today you can carry them around in your pocket and use them for a whole multitude of things.

Bill Of Rights For The Internet

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The inventor of the Internet and Hero of The Bears, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of his creation by calling for a “Magna Carta” bill of rights to protect the privacy of its users. Sir Tim has said the issue could be regarded as important as those of human rights. He has been an outspoken critic of government surveillance following a series of leaks from ex-US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. Sir Tim called on people to take action and protest against surveillance as the online community has now reached a crossroads.

How To Become A Millionaire

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We were thinking today about the quickest way to become rich. Imagine if you had invented the iPhone, for example, and Apple had to pay you a royalty of £25 for every one they sold then you would probably be a billionaire by now. However, sometimes people across the world invent something and then just give the invention away for nothing or for the good of mankind. As an example, Doug Engelbart never really made any money from his idea of a computer mouse. We all use a mouse to control a computer and yet the man who invented it, who has recently died aged 88, just gave his idea away because he was too busy working on hypertext and graphical user interfaces. Here are ten more we have found who just gave their inventions away…

And The Battle Rumbles On

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The hacker group Anonymous has retaliated against the American government and copyright organisations following the shutdown of the MegaUpload file-sharing website. The Department of Justice (DoJ), FBI and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), amongst others, have all been bombarded with internet traffic in a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack.

Sir Tim Fights For Net Neutrality

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The inventor of the internet and Hero of The Bears, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said that governments need to act now to preserve the principle of net neutrality. This is the idea that all internet traffic is equal whereas some content creators want to have a two-speed internet. Sir Tim said that he understands the need for traffic management but the movement to discriminate between the content from different businesses would be a step too far.