Great Uncle Bimbo’s Ghost Stories #4

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As we already know from his Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers column our Uncle Bimbo has a great memory of past events. However, what you may not know is he also has other gifts. One of those gifts is making up stories to help young bears get to sleep at night. Bimbo likes to make up ghost stories to frighten everyone into sleep. After one of Bimbo’s stories there is not a bear at Jammy Toast who dares to get out of bed to ask for a drink of water. However, because Bimbo is getting on a little he does sometimes get confused and mixes up true stories he has heard over the years with the stories he has made up. So there is always a little bit of confusion as to if Bimbo’s stories are true… or maybe, just maybe there is some truth in the story he is telling!