One Missing Friend

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Most Sunday’s I take my daughter for her weekly shopping as she doesn’t have a car – I am sure you have seen the film The Cannonball Run, well this is more like The Carrot Juice Run. More importantly, it is our chance to have a little weekly catch up. We usually get the shopping out of the way and then we head to KFC for a Krushem and a chat. This week we started reminiscing about days gone by when we suddenly hit on the subject of lost friends and in particularly our old friend Tony, aka Yummy.

A Long Time Ago…

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Since we decided to restart Jammy Toast people have been asking us how it all started and more importantly why. It is always fun looking back and trying to discover how an otherwise normal, sane and sensible person like myself (*cough*) suddenly decide to start a retirement home for Renault Bears? How was it that we suddenly decided to spend hours searching the world for unwanted Renault Bears and bringing them here to Jammy Toast to spend the remainder of their days watching daytime telly and eating their favourite food? I think it is a story worth re-telling, so this is how it all started…