The Angry Andreaa Show #34

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Hiya Toasters && am sorry I never wrote yas an Angry Show the other week but have been in pain…. I keep gettin these horrible pains down me arm && then it ends up goin down me legs too && I keep gettin like dead tired too…. Me Mum has fibromyalgia so am hopin its not that…. It gives ya headaches && like feeling numb in ya hands && feet…. It can make ya have problems with ya memory too – they call that a “fibro fog”…. Me Mum has that because we started thinking she was getting dementia like me grandad but then the doctor said it was part of the fibromyalgia…. I dont think I have had memory problems but I cant really remember…. Hahaha that was one of Davidds jokes the mad kunt!!

The Angry Andreaa Show #32

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Hiya Toasters, am back from me holibobs so Davidd said I had to tell yas all about it. So I went to Turkey again because I have been goin there for years and I know loads of people there. The only problem was a Hurricane decided to come on its holiday to Turkey too. I cant remember its name so I have been calling it Hurricane Sally. It lasted for about three days where it was really windy and it was raining and thundering too. I bloody hate thunder it scares the life out of me. When I told Davidd about it he said I needed a Thunder Buddy to get me through it.

I’m Back From Turkey

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Hiya Everyone && As Yas Can Probably Tell Am Back From Me Little Holiday To Turkeyy.. Don’t Ask Me If I Had A Good Time Or Owt Coz I Can’t Remember.. It Was Me Birthday While I Was Away So I Spent Most Of Me Hols Pissed.. Normally When I Go On Holiday I Drink Loads But Coz It Was Me Birthday I Was Even Worse Than Normal.. && Before Davidd Grasses On Me,, I Met This Lad Out There && I Ended Up Wiff A Big Spammy On Me Neck && He Even Give Me One On Me Face!! It Was That Bad It Ended Up All Bruised So Am Now Back Home Walkin Round Liverpool With A Big Bruise On Me Cheek.. I Wouldn’t Mind But The Lad Did It Right In Front Of Me Mum Who Thought It Was The Funniest Thing Ever!! She Was Pissing Herself Laughing At Him.. I Was Like Mum,, I’m Ya Little Princess Ya Meant To Protect Me From Lads..