Longer Tweets

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At first we didn’t get Twitter. I think we kind of missed the boat a little there because when we did finally get it, we loved it. However, one of the things we have not liked about Twitter is the 140 character limit. Many times we have tweeted something and it is too long so we then have to edit it. We have to delete things and shorten what we have to say. It can become very difficult cramming your thoughts into a tweet but still getting your message across with the character limit – it’s a real ache. Now the answer could be at hand as Twitter is currently trialling a larger 280 character limit.

Trump Wants To Break The Internet

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Here at Jammy Toast we love the internet. There is nothing more the bears love that goofing around websites looking for entertainment or some of our more serious bears doing research. However, that enjoyment just might become tainted soon as the evils of net neutrality raises its ugly head again. This week some of the internet’s most popular websites will participate in a day of action on Wednesday to oppose changes to US rules which govern net neutrality. Sites such as Netflix and Amazon are joining with civil liberty groups in a co-ordinated protest, and activists are already sharing viral content on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook in preparation.

Do You Want To Pay For Twitter?

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Twitter is considering launching a paid-for service for businesses and power users. The micro-blogging service – which has struggled to grow its user base in recent years – is carrying out surveys to “assess interest” in the idea. Paying members would get access to an enhanced version of Tweetdeck, Twitter’s souped-up interface that offers more functionality than Twitter.com. However, please understand, the company has not made any indication it is considering charging regular users of their normal service.