The Origin Of The Chimpton

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The Chimpton, pictured centre her clothes burnt off by napalm, tries to escape the war.

In a couple of posts recently we have suggested that The Chimpton is Vietnamese. She has strong Asian features and one of Jammy Toast’s readers has even mistaken her for an Asian Ladyboy. So, bearing this in mind, we decided it was time to reveal the truth concerning the origin of The Chimpton. Where she came from, how she ended up here at Jammy Toast and why the British Government have not sent her home, yet. Today we will reveal the truth

Jammy Toast To The Rescue

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Amajor international summit on missing people is hoping to tackle exploitation and trafficking. In the UK, a disproportionate number of missing people are of Vietnamese origin – but no one knows why. Each photograph on the Missing Kids UK Website suggests a horrible, haunting tale but the high number of teenagers from east or south-eastern Asian descent is alarming. Of 113 children and young people on the list – which doesn’t include short term cases, or those excluded for reasons of safety – almost a fifth are Vietnamese, despite them making up less than 0.1% of the British population.