Why Is Glastonbury So Muddy?

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It’s the time of the year for music festivals to get underway and already the news is full of Glastonbury mud and scenes of fans trudging through the sludge. It is easy to feel smug while we sit here at a dry Jammy Toast looking through photos of people looking muddy to use to illustrate today’s post. However, let’s face it, this isn’t the first time – and it certainly won’t be the last – that Glastonbury turns a bit wet and wild. But why does it always look so much worse at Glastonbury than at any other UK festival?

Picture Of The Day #4

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More than seven inches of snow fell on Washington overnight into Saturday morning.

An historic blizzard has struck large parts of the eastern United States, dumping 18 inches of snow in only a few hours in places. As soon as daylight emerged this morning, the extent of the overnight snowfall became clear. The snow storm has been christened Snowmageddon by the Americans.

White Christmas?

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Liverpool v Nottingham Forest, February 1969

Here at Jammy Toast we are more or less ready for Christmas and, like the rest of the country, hoping for a white one. However, statistically we are more likely in this country to have a white Easter than a white Christmas! December is the start of the UK snow window, and it takes just one snowflake to fall on London on the 25th December to get the bookmakers to pay out on bets. Yet wintry weather is actually more common between January and March. But how did we become so obsessed with snow at Christmas, and what are the chances of it actually happening?