Old Wirral Pictures #1

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Today we are starting a new series of posts featuring old pictures of the Wirral. As most of you know, Razzi and I travel around the Wirral all week and it is amazing how quickly something can change. Suddenly the demolition crews move in and within a couple of months an old building disappears and a new building or houses replace it – another Wirral landmark becomes a memory. So starting today we are going to remind you of what old Wirral used to look like or, if you have never visited the Wirral, show you an old photograph and its modern equivalent – where we can

Flaybrick Cemetery

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Over on my personal blog, way back in 2012, I wrote the story of Frank and Alice. Frank and Alice are both dead people who Razzi and I used to spend time with at Flaybrick Cemetery during lunch breaks from work. During the summer months, I would park along the path in the Victorian Cemetery where it was quiet and relaxing. It was very pleasant to sit back after I had eaten lunch and have a little “me” time. I did have some fears that maybe, because nobody has been buried there for so long, the cemetery would be flattened to make way for new housing as has happened further down the road. However, upon reading the notice board; I discovered that it is a grade II registered public cemetery which had been opened in 1864. Furthermore some very famous people are buried there including many of the Laird family so it was going nowhere for the foreseeable future.