Happy New Year

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Happy New Year and welcome to Jammy Toast. If you have been here before then welcome back but if you are a new visitor then make yourselves at home. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, we are always welcome here at Jammy Toast. If this is your first visit then let me introduce ourselves. Here at Jammy Toast we save bears who have been cast adrift into the hands of charity shops and car boot or eBay sales. All these bears need is a happy family home to make them feel loved and wanted – this is where we step in. Our job here at Jammy Toast is to save bears and provide them with a happy home where they can watch daytime telly and play on the internet.

X Update – Envira

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Credit where credit is due. While everyone has been lazing around watching the cricket and the football this weekend, Edward has been hard at work updating Jammy Toast. He has installed the latest version of our theme “X” and changed our Gallery plugin from “Global Gallery” to the new “Envira Gallery” which is now included with “X”. It is especially designed to work with “X” and it does so smoothly while being an extremely powerful and flexible plugin that assists in creating the perfect website.