Conditions For Indian Tea Workers

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We love our cup of tea here at Jammy Toast. On any given day there are empty cups left all over the gaff after the bears have had their morning cuppa. However, if you are drinking tea right now, I suggest you put the cup down because we’ve got bad news for you. You can forget all those pretty pictures of happy Indian women in saris on rolling green hillsides that you see on some tea packets. That is not the reality for most tea workers. Today we can reveal the appalling conditions for workers and their families on estates that grow tea for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Bear Paw Seal Of Approval #2

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Some of you may have noticed that some prestigious companies have “By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” on their products and stationary. These companies are Royal Warrant Holders; they are “united by their commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence”, to The Queen, Prince Phillip or Prince Charles. We thought it was about time The Bears gave out Bear Warrants to people and companies who supply excellent service and products to the bears here at Jammy Toast. We do not accept any form of advertising here at Jammy Toast but we do believe in acknowledging companies who have provided us with excellent services and so today we would like to recommend