Yorkshire: Land Of The Early To Bed

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The White Horse pub where we stayed and the infamous Chippy next door.

Hello everyone, Razzi and I are back from our journey to the dark side with a word of advice to anyone who ever has to visit Ripon – DON’T – or at least don’t go via National Express. When I booked our tickets I wondered why the time-table stated 10:15am and when I clicked on the “Travel Later” button there wasn’t a later coach available. That is because it took us NINE HOURS. The coach travels via every tin-pot place in the country and stops for an hour at each, plus two hours in Manchester.

Off To The Land Of The Two Quid Lucozade

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Ithink we have told you all before, from time to time Razzi and I head off to the Land of The Early to Bed to collect or drop off a car. We call it that because we once stayed overnight and discovered the whole place closes at 8pm and goes to bed; including all the chippies, off licenses – in fact, you name it and it was closed by 8pm. That is Ripon for you. Today we returned to the general area but a little further along the M62 towards Leeds. I don’t know about RIPPON, we would like to re-christen that place RIPOFF or The Land of the Two Quid Lucozade. Furthermore, when we say we purchased a bottle, we do not mean a monstrous two litre jobby with enough Lucozade to drown in – we are talking about the smallest bottle you can buy which usually retails for around 99p. At Leeds Railway Station they sell the same bottle for TWO QUID!