Welcome To Jammy Toast, Fred

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Fred (left) is welcomed to Jammy Toast by Zed (right).

You know the old saying that you wait an hour for a bus and then two come along together – well it appears the saying is true with Renault Bears too. We haven’t had a new bear here at Jammy Toast for quite a while, then the other week Zed came to join us and now we have another bear knocking on the door. However, this bear didn’t even know that Renault Bears are supposed to eat Jammy Toast! He could never remember ever eating any and had been kept in a cupboard under the stairs for years. He is quite a cute, inquisitive little guy and he seems to like the name of Fred.

Zed Is Very Much Alive

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Zed in his brown paper bag.

We got an emergency phone call yesterday from The Chimpton to inform us there was a Renault Bear left abandoned in an antique shop in Birkenhead. Despite the fact I was dying with flu this was something we had to jump out of our sick beds for, so Razzi and I headed for the car. The Chimpton told us the shop was selling the bear for £10 but were not budging on the price. However, Razzi and I had a plan of action; I would go in first and explain to the shopkeeper that dealing in endangered species was against the law and if that didn’t work then we would send Razzi in to “have a word“.