Talking Shit #80

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Today we are going to ask everyone who visits Jammy Toast to just “Talk Shit” for the day. We ask that anyone who visits Jammy Toast leaves a comment on just about any subject they choose. Funny or sad, true or false, real or fake; we don’t give a shit as long as it is entertaining and doesn’t really hurt anyone. We ask you to do this because we are too busy to think of anything else to post – hopefully everyone will like the freedom to whine and bitch. The rules are pretty simple to explain – basically, anything goes!

If you visit Jammy Toast on a “Talking Shit” day then you have to leave at least a comment behind – it’s the law! If you are new to Jammy Toast then just say “Hello” or maybe introduce yourself; tell us how you found us and why you visit. Anything goes today.

Remember, though; Stuff is cool – Spam is not!!

If you break the rules and visit us today but don’t leave a comment then please remember bears have a very particular set of skills; skills acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like you. If you leave a comment, that will be the end of the matter. We will not look for you, we will not pursue you. But if you don’t, we will look for you, we will find you, and we will bite and scratch you.

You have been warned!

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The Bearkeeper

A sad and lonely old man who used to have a life but it has now been taken over by his dedication to the cause of saving Renault Bears, running Jammy Toast and searching eBay, car boot sales, charity shops, lofts and even under beds for his beloved bears. He has even now taken in Flat Eric to save him from homelessness – his life is no longer his own!

38 Comments on “Talking Shit #80”

  1. Granny asked me before going to the hairdressers “What cut do you think would make me more attractive”

    Apparently “a fucking power cut” was not the answer she was looking for!

  2. How many more days am I allowed to moan about the pain and tiredness? Don’t want to use them all up but I crawled through today. Just feel like you need to know that.

  3. Dr. Henry Devlin: What the hell? Who’s Mr. Gray? What are you trying to tell me, Jonesy?

    [Stops walking]

    Dr. Henry Devlin: You’re not Jonesy!!

  4. I do love those Swedish girls, I’ll tell you that. I met this Swedish girl, 63 she was. She come up to me and she said, “Excuse me, sir. Do you mind if I sit down next to ya?” I said, “Hang about, I’ll get us a hotel room, bit of room service, make love for nine hours, I wake up, I look down and she’s got a pair of balls!” I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it!

    Thank you, good night. Much love!

  5. So if you’re travelin’ in the north country fair, where the winds hit heavy on the borderline, remember me to one who lives there. She once was a true love of mine.

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