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If you have been reading the blog during the last month or so you cant have failed to notice a certain person by the name of Andrea who holds conversations in the comments sections of most of the blog posts. They are usually nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of the post but they are usually entertaining none-the-less. Lately I have been having people asking me who she is and why does she post on the blog?

It turns out that one day her MSN wasn’t working so she decided to hold a conversation with her friend Laura on the comments section of a post. This proved to be rather amusing and so she has been egged on ever since.

So lets let Andrea tell us a little about herself:


Well Andreaa Iss A faKee. Amm Not Da Samee Old Avragee teenagrr .. Amm Propaa Uniquee So Dont Class Mee Daa Samee .. I Havv Myy Ownn Stylee .. My Ownn Look .. Myy Own Tastee In Clothes & Musiic .. Dont Lykk It? Tuff Gett Over iiT.

Soo Anyonee Who Dontt Likee Mee Thenn Jealousy iis Aa Orrible Diisease .. Gett Well Soon Bitch!!

I Lovv Gwin Out Wif Mah Mates .. Partyin Ann Jus Avin A Laff Reallii .. Ohh Yeah Nd I Luvv Razzii So Linzii Orr Whooeva Yaa R Yaa Bettaa Get Ovaa Itt Lyk

So I guess thats all of us informed and alot better off now. If anyone has any problems understanding any of that then please let us know and we will translate it into English for you.

The funniest things from Andrea have to be her stories so lets try a couple of examples. On the subject of her Grandmother…

Omgg Mee Nans Dwin Me Ed In Now Gwin Onn Bout Me Sistaa Hus Pregnantt Sayin Da She Was In Me Nans Da Ova Day Nd Shes Gettin Big Nd Daa Bu Lyk Shes Obviouslyy Gunna B Gettin Big Daa Babys Fatt Ndd Shes Due In April.

Shee Propaa Goes On

Me Nans Puree Got Msnn .. Hahaa Shes Gwin On Bout Me Ova Sista Noww .. Lykk Omgg Pmsll Aww !! Myy Nann Was Lykk Ohh I’ll Get A Laptopp Den It Was Noo I’ll Gerra Computerr Nd Da Internet A Was Lykk Waa? .. Nd Denn I Gett Fings Nd Mee Nan Goes Nd Buys Demm! Hahaa Shes Lykk Gorra Havee Waa Every1 Else Is Buyin Lol

On the subject of her sister…

Ohh Yerhh .. I Wont B On The Blog Tomorraa Ynoo

Cozz Wee Gwin Outt Wiv Me Sista Coz She Leaves Sunde Goinn Inn Daa Navyy Forr 4 Yearss A Was Puree Lykk Nearllii Cryinn 2Dayy Lmaoo Dntt Wantt Err Too Goo

Its Propaa Mad Thoo Cozz Lykk Wee Alwayss Ustaa Fightt Nd Daa Buu Lykk Latelyy Wiv Bin Avin A Laff ToGevvaa .. :s Hahaa She Sed She’ll Miss Mee Buu She Aint Givin Me Munee

On the subject of her Grandad…

I Lovee Myy Granddads Singinn

He Jus Come Inn Mee Room Denn Hahaa Nd Av Got The Music Channell Onn Ndd E Started Singin Da Songs A Was Lykk Howw Doo U Nooo Desee .. He Lives Withh Us Cozz Mee Muvva Luks Afta Im Cozz Hes Dyinn .. Cnt Membaa Waa Itt Is Noww Buu Hes Ad It 4 Lykk Bout 2 Yearss Ndd It Lykk Slowlyy Kills Yaa .. Nd Makes Ya ForGet Fings Nd Shit

Hes Okii Buu He Cann B Propa Anoyinn Att Tyms Buu Inoo It Aint His Fault .. Nd Its Okii Avv Lived Wiv Im All Mahh Lifee EnyyWayy

I guess the all time classic Andrea story was the day she had a confrontation with two young ladies…

Well Rite Wen A Went 2 Kirstys And Wee Was Comin Bak Here And Wee Seen Desee 2 Lill Mings Ann I Laffed Ann Wentt Eee Kirstt Lukk Att Demm Lill Mings Derr Pure Finkin Der Gawjes Da Sad Twats .. An Me An Kirsty Wer Juss Lukin At Dem Takin The Piss And Dee Turned Round And Wentt Waa Ya Sayin Ayy .. An A Went Ya A Lill Mingg An Ya Need Ya Ed Sortin Lv Goo Nd Gerra Baff Ya Tramp An She Went .. Stop Talkin Bout YaSelff Ya Lil Slag Ann A Wentt Girll Wanna Fkinn Slapp Nd EnyWayss Boss Slagg Me Yanoo Ad Ya Darr Last Nyt .. Ann She Went Murr I’ll Smashh Ya Ed In Nd Kirsty Went Come On Andrea Der Lil Kidss N Den Started Walkin Away Soo I Started Runnin At Dese 2 Girls Nd Decked Boff Of Them Nd Shouted Deyy Rnt Gettin Away Wiv Daa Ladd .. Nd Denn Dee Werr Onn Daa Floor Soo A Was Punchin Fk Outt Off 1 Off Demm Nd Denn Daa Ovaa 1 Got Upp Soo A Started Punchin Fk Outt Off Err Aswell Ann Denn A Jus Noked Dem Boff Clean Out Picked Dem Up 1 Afta Dee Ovva Ndd Wentt Haa Ya Lill Scagg Edd Daa Will Show U Nott Too Mess Wiv Me Initt .. Nd Denn A Went Cya Around Kid An Walkedd Away !!

Andreaa, you are a true classic… a living legend. Thanks from everyone for keeping us entertained over the past month!

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I Am Andreaa And I Am Havin' A Boss Time Here Writing On Da Blog && That 'Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin' Too Old To Write && It's Doin' Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed Da Fukin' State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Can't Write Stories But He Bullies Me Yerno.. Fuck Me I Never Even Passed Mee GCSE English So Me Stories Are Usually Shite!!

20 Comments on “The Angry Andreaa Show #1”

  1. Wasn’t it you who said dat if ya put pictures up and say: ‘OMG, I’m so ugly’ then if you were, you wouldn’t post them and if you do you’re a moron.

  2. Shee Wentt 2 Er Fellaa Andrea Flipped On Paul Today Cz He Sed Tha Eny Lad She Gets Wiv Av Gorra Come Home So Can Make Sure Der Okay For His Little Girl .. Ann I Went Omgg Shurrupp Noww Danielle Yaa Dog Nd Er Fella Went Its Ryt Tho An Me Nd Danielle Av Gorra Meet Dem Aswell Nd A Wentt Omg Shurrupp No1s Comin Eree .. Nd Dee Was Callin Me A Slagg Nd Daa A Was Fumin :|

  3. Ndd Dee Sed Bet Yaa All Demm Fings Dat We’ve Bin Told Bout Charlii Is Realli Bout U Nd Da Nd A Wentt Y Wat Av Yas Heard Nd Dee Went Yas R Juss Basicallyy Bein Slags Wth Lads Nd All Daa Ndd A Flipped On Er Sayin Da Mee Nd R Charlii Wudnt Doo Da Coz We Aint Lill Slags :(

  4. and i wanted to break up wif him so hee kept askin for a hug an i went no so he got a cobonn an walked off an ant walked mee homee wif dean in frontt an i got to my door an ant went weres me hug then so i give him one an he went weres deans kiss i wentt Ermm must of fleww away with his mood an he went hh fuck diss an walked away :|

  5. Does any1 else think that comments left should have less swear words please??? Cos little kids visit the Blog and don’t need to read some of the language here!!! Cud you disguise the words if u need em, you know using st*rs! Also Dave you could moderate maybe and disguise words, as this you’re the Bear-Keeper and keep us all in check! Ta! :-D

  6. Kate I agree but if i turn moderation on, which everyone hates, it ruins the flow of a conversation if you have to wait for me to get home to agree a comment.

    Even with moderation on i can’t edit comments i can only either publish them or delete them.

    Some of the language is getting a little too much though people so if you could tone it down just a little please!

  7. Ta dave! Didn’t realise you couldn’t edit our comments which was what I was after! As you know I’m not a prude but just don’t want to have to explain some words to my lil monsters – just yet!

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