The Angry Andreaa Show #11

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Davidd Saidd I Havv Too Finkk Off Mee Ownn Fingg Too Wrytt Abwtt Diss Week .. Hess Jstt Bullyinn Mee Againn .. Soo Lastt Week I Toldd Yass Abwtt Whenn I Wozz Inn Skewll Soo Diss Week I Fawtt I Cudd Tell Yaas Abwtt Mee Werkk .. I Werkk Ass A Shiftt Managerr Inn A Supermarkett Butt I Betta Nott Tell Yass Whichh Onee Cozz I Mightt Gett Inn Troublee .. Butt Letts Jstt Sayy Iff I Wantt Anyy Tymee Off Theyy Aree Alwayys Deadd Cooperativee ( Datts Davidd’s Jokee Soo Dontt Bee Fukkinn Blaminn Mee !! ) ..

Dee Aree Proppa Scatty Thoo .. Wee Gett Loadss Off Shopp Liftinn Goinn Onn Butt Wott Doo Yaa Expectt Inn Liverpooll Lykk .. We aree Openn Fromm 6 in Daa Morninn Untill 11 Att Nitee && Wee Neverr Havv Nothhinn Robbedd Whenn Daa Securityy Mann Iss On Dutyy .. Soo Daa Nuttaa Whoo Iss Aree Areaa Managerr Onlyy Hass Himm Workinn Daa Dolly Partonn Shiftt — 9 to 5 !! Soo All Daa Shoplifterrs Waitt Owtt Side Forr Himm Too Finishh && Thenn Inn Dee Comee && Outt Goo Daa Bottless Off Spiritss ..

Iff I See Thmm Thnn I Runn Aftaa Demm Lykk Butt Davidd Sayys Soo Wott Yaa Goinn Too Doo Iff Yaa Catchh A 6 Foot 18 Stonee Smakk Ratt Wiff A Bottlee Off Gynn ?? I Knoww Wott Hess Sayinn Lykk && I Shoulddnt Putt Meselff Inn Dangerr Butt Dee Makk Mee Soo MAdd !! Summ Dayss Wee Losee Hundredds Off Poundss Off Stockk && Dee Justt Nott Arsedd .. Iff Itt Wozz Upp Too Mee I Wudd Rathaa Givv Thaa Moneyy Too A Secondd Securityy Guardd ..

Davidd Wannts Mee Too Fonn Himm Whenn Daa Securitty Guardd Finishess Soo Hee Cann Cumm && Gett Summ Free Sweetiess .. Butt I Saidd Iff I Runn Afterr Himm I wudd Easyy Catchh Himm Cozz Hee Cantt Runn :roflao: !! Hee’s Too Fatt Too Bee A Shoplifterr Lykk ..

I Luvv Daa Jobb Butt Summ Off Daa Peepss Whoo Werkk Therr ARee Bastardds .. Iff I Startt @ 5:30 Amm Meantt Too Bee Off Byy 2 O’clokk Butt HAlff Daa Tymm Staff Phonn Inn Sikk Denn I Gotta Stayy && Coverr Thmm .. Soo I Endd Upp Doinn A 16 Hourr Shiftt ,, Goinn Homme Forr Summ Kipp Thenn Amm Bakk Inn Werkk Againn .. Itts Nott Funnny Whenn Staff Takk Daa Piss Lykk .. Butt I Doo Lykk Mee Jobb Mostt Off Daa Tymee ..

Daa Bestt Parrt Abwtt Starttin Soo Earlyy Iss I Cann Ryngg Davidd Att Sillyy O’Clokk Inn Daa Morninn && Wakee Himm Upp .. Whenn I Talkk Too Himm Hee Sayys I Havv Daa Loudestt Indicatorr Onn Mee Carr Inn Daa Worldd .. Hahahaa I Havee Neverr Noticced Itt Butt Noww I Doo && Itt Iss Deadd Loudd Lykk .. Itts A Fordd Fiestaa Butt Davidd Calls Itt A Fordd Andreaa Cozz Itt Iss Deadd Loudd Justt Lykk Mee !!

Daa Fukkinn Cheek !!

Traa xx

Safety First
While it is true that Andreaa thinks it is really funny to ring me at six in the morning while she is driving to work, it is worth noting that she does this on a hands-free completely safely. However, the language towards other road users and her road-rage is another matter entirely!

Lord Davidd of Birko

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I Am Andreaa And I Am Havin' A Boss Time Here Writing On Da Blog && That 'Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin' Too Old To Write && It's Doin' Me Wig In .. I Feel Proper Ashamed Da Fukin' State .. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No ,, I Can't Write Stories But He Bullies Me Yerno .. Fuck Me I Never Even Passed Mee GCSE English So This Is Gonna Be Shite !!

24 Comments on “The Angry Andreaa Show #11”

  1. Gippy Grewal and I’m not even on a fucking train!

    In other news Dad and daughter ice cream skitting Sunday this weekend. It’s been a while lets see how many people we can upset this Sunday.

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