The Angry Andreaa Show #16

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In Kirkbyy Therr Iss A Riverr Calledd Daa River Alt && Therr Iss A Storry Thatt Yearss Agoo Therr Wass A Farmerr Whoo Livedd Nearr Thee Riverr .. The Womann Whoo Ownedd Thee Farmm Usedd Too Groww Stuff && Sell Itt At Kirkbyy Markett Everyy Fridayy – MArkett Dayy .. Shee Also Keptt A Coww Forr Milkk .. Daa Farmm Wass Onn The Bankk Off The River Alt Whichh Iss Quitee Deep && Flowws Deadd Fastt .. Thee Oldd Storyy Goess Datt Whilee Shee Livedd Onn Onee Sidee Off The Rivver The Devill Livedd Onn The Otherr Sidee .. Wuddnt Yaa Knoww Iff Daa Devill Livedd Anywheer Hee Wudd Havee Too Pikk Kirkby !!

Onee Dayy The Womann Cuddnt Findd Herr Coww Anywherr && Whenn Shee Starttd Searchinn Forr Itt Shee Discoverrd Datt Thee Coww HAdd Crossedd Daa Riverr && Wass Onn Thee Otherr Sidee Eattinn Thee Devills Grass .. Shee Wasntt A Good Swimmerr Soo Shee Cuddnt Gett Across Daa Riverr .. Justt Ass Shee Wass THinkkin Wott Too Doo Nextt ,, Daa Devill Appearedd && Wozntt Veryy Happy Aboutt Daa Coww Eattinn All Hiss Grass .. Daa LAdyy Toldd Daa Devill Thatt Shee Wozz Tryinn Too Gett Daa Coww Bakk Butt Shee Cuddnt Gett ACross Daa Riverr .. Soo Daa Devill Offerrd Too Buildd Thee Farmerr A Bridgee Inn REturnn Forr Daa Soull Off Daa Firstt Personn Too Cross Daa Bridgee !!

Thee Farmerr Hadd Noo Choicee Soo She Agreed Too Daa Deall && Daa Devill Startedd Buildingg Daa Bridge .. Hee Builtt Thee Bridgee Byy Handd && Soo Whenn Hee Finishhd Hee Sett Onee Off Hiis Handprintts Inn Thee Wett Stonee Soo Everyonee Kneww Itt Wozz Hiss Bridgee ..

The Nextt Dayy Daa Farmerr Threww A Ball Overr Daa Bridgee && Herr Dogg Rann After Daa Ball && Soo She Trickkd The Devill Byy Givinn Himm The Soull Off Thee Dogg Ratherr Thann Herr Soull Whichh Iss Whatt Hee Really Wanttd !!

Da Devill Wozz Furiouss && Saidd Thatt Fromm Thenn Onn Hee Wudd Takk The Soull Off EVERYONEE Who Crossdd Daa Bridge Onn 14th Junee Whichh Iss Daa Dayy Hee Builtt Thee Bridgge ..

I Knoww Datt Soundss Scatty Butt Itt Wozz Yearss Agoo && I Thinkk Yaa Call Itt Folkloree Whenn Ya Gett Scatty Oldd Storiess Likee Datt .. Noo Onee Beleivess Itt Butt Therr Iss Somethinn Thatt Makess Yaa Thinkk Twicee !!

The Devil's Hand

The Devil’s Hand

Thee Oldd Bridgee Fromm Yearss Agoo Iss Nott Therr Anymoree Butt Therr Iss A Neww Bridgee Therr Overr The Riverr .. Iff Yaa Look Att it Closee Therr Iss An Oldd Handprintt In Daa Stone Daa Iss Nearlyy Worn Outt Wif Agee .. Everyonee Sayss Itss Daa Devills Handprintt Fromm Daa Oldd Bridgee ..

Officially Daa Bridgee Iss Called Alt Bridgee Butt Everyonee Inn Kirkbyy Calls Itt Daa Devil’s Bridgee && Yaa Nott Allowdd Too Bee Thee Firstt PErsonn Too Cross Daa Bridgee Onn Daa 14th Off Junee Orr Daa Devill Getts Yaa Soull ..

Lykk I SAid ,, Noo Onee Believes That Story Butt Iff Yaa Inn Kirkbyy Todayy — Forr Fukk Sakee — Don’tt Cross Daa Bridge !!

Cyaas XXX

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I Am Andreaa And I Am Havin' A Boss Time Here Writing On Da Blog && That 'Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin' Too Old To Write && It's Doin' Me Wig In .. I Feel Proper Ashamed Da Fukin' State .. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No ,, I Can't Write Stories But He Bullies Me Yerno .. Fuck Me I Never Even Passed Mee GCSE English So This Is Gonna Be Shite !!

27 Comments on “The Angry Andreaa Show #16”

  1. There is a bridge over here in Pasadena officially it is called Colorado Street Bridge but we know it as the Suicide Bridge and the Devil’s Gate. It is home several strange disappearances and a serial killer who has never been caught.

  2. I have to go back to work and I’m not ready to converse with people so I’m just going to yell “Danger Will Robinson!” at everyone that speaks to me, then run away.

  3. People who think you make up the shit your kid says have obviously never been around kids. They are INSANE…

    That’s what my 2 day old baby said anyway.

  4. I’ve just received an early Fathers Day card from my daughter that said “Number 1 Dad.” How many does she think she’s fucking got ???

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