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Davidd Askked Mee too Writee Yaas Diss Storyy Abwtt Purple Aki Coss Wee Wozz Puree Chattin Abwt itt Last Nite nnd Hee Said Yaas All Wantt Mee Too Wrytt 4 Yaa .. Davidd Wrote aa Storii Abbt Hmm B4 Onn Daa Blogg Btt Davidd Askked Mee 2 Wrytt Diss 1 .. Davidd Spells Hiss Namee Diffrntt 2 btt Amm Ffykk Soo I Calll Hmm Akii Nott Acky .. Anywyys ,, Purple Aki Woss Diss Big Blackk Mann Whoo Terrored Liverpool Ndd Daa Woolies Fromm Birkenheadd ,, Southport Ndd Stt Hellens .. Hee Wozz Like Daa Bogey Mann .. Hiss Reall Namme Iss Ackinnabob or Sumthinn andd Hee Workked Ass A Cleanner Inn Daa Tunnels .. Hee Livedd Inn Diss Blockk Off Flatss Onn Daa Ralla Estatee Inn Tockyy Andd All Daa Kidss Usedd To Terror Daa PLacee Buu Dee USed Too Fukkin Runn Homme When Akii Cumm OWtt Soo Dee Wassnt all Daa HArdd ..

LMfaoo ,, Dee Neverr Playedd Knocck Ndd Runn Att Hiss Housse ..

Hee Wass Deadd Bigg Andd Musliee Soo Da Bizzies Neverr Touched himm andd Evenn Thoo He Usedd Too Mess Wiff Kidss Daa Gangstas Neva Touchdd Himm Neivaa .. Mee Dadd Saidd Daa Hee Wass Onn Daa Dole Andd Ussed Too Signn Onn In Williamson Square Buu Dee Neverr Called Himm Inn Forr Restartt Interviewws Cozz Dee Wozz Scaredd Abbwt Himm Kikkin Off ..

Hee Used To Creep Up Behinhdd Kidss Ndd Say ” POP or SLASH ” Which Woz Like Hee Bummedd Yaa Orr Slashed Yaa Wiff A Knifee .. Yoo Cudd Pikk :shock:

Purple Aki

Purple Aki

Hee Usedd Too Sitt On Daa Trainn All Dayy Talkin Too Yaa Andd He Wass Deadd Creepy .. Noo Onee Believeed Itt Wozz Himm Lyk Soo Dee Wennt Upp To Himm And Saidd “Aree Yoo Purplee Akki??” And He Said “Yes” .. Soo Amm Guessinn It Wozz Himm Lykk ..

All Daa Muvvas Usedd To Sayy “Watchh Owtt Orr Purrplle Akki Will Puree Gett Yaas” Soo He Wass Deadd Scarry Beforee Yaa Evenn Saw Him .. Lykk A Legendd .. Mee Dadd Alwayss Usdaa Tell Me Goo Daa Shopp For Hiss Biftas Ndd Idd Sayy “Awww Fukk Off Dadd Amm Busyy Lykk” Soo Hee Usda Sayy “A Willl Puree Tell Purplee Aki Wheree Yaa Livee Iff Yaa Dontt Goo” .. Soo I went Daa Shopp :raised-eyebrow:

Sumonee Saidd Daa Dee Madee Da Filmm Candyman Abowtt Himm Buu I Dunno abowt daa Lykk .. Fukkin Scary Film Thoo ..

Mee Dadd Used Too Livee Inn Garstonn Andd Hee Saidd Itt Used Too Bee Dead Scarey Whenn Daa Latestt Purplee Aki Storyy Usedd Too Cumm Owtt Abwt His Poppin Orr Slashinn .. Hee Heardd Daa Hee Wentt Intoo JJB Or Sumthinn Andd Onee off Daa Ladss In Derr Wennt “Fukinn Ell ,, Itts Purrple Akii” and Aki Went “Yer Soo Wott” Andd Legged Daa Ladd All Roundd Daa Shopp .. Daa Securityy Weree Havvinn None Off Itt nnd Dee Gott Off On Derr Lunchh ..

Daa Bizzies Nevaa Touched himm Cozz Dee Wass Pure Shit Scared Soo Loads Off Peoplee Gott Pissd Off Onee Day Ndd Loadds Off Demm WEnnt Forr Himm Oon Daa Ralla Wiff Baseball Batss Ndd Knivess Ndd Daa .. Hee Twatted Mostt Off Demm Whilee All Daa Others Legged Itt buu Hee Didd Ennd Upp In Ozzie Lykk ..

Onee Dayy Hee Chassed Somee Kidd Onn A Trainn Trakk Inn Neww Brightonn Andd Daa Kidd Gott Killed By Daa Trainn Andd HEe Wentt Too Prisonn Forr Daa ..

Mee Dadd Sayss Hee Has Workedd All overr Inn Places Likee Runcornn Ndd Widnes Ndd Dee All Knoww Abwt Purple Akki .. Buu Mee Dadd Knowss Abwt All Daa Nutters Inn Liverpooll Too .. Iff Yaa Wannt A Cann Tell Yaa Abwtt Dem Anufa Tym ..

Fukk Mee Daa Wozz Puree Daa Longest Storyy I Evaa Dunn .. :halo:

Traa :kiss:

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I Am Andreaa And I Am Havin' A Boss Time Here Writing On Da Blog && That 'Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin' Too Old To Write && It's Doin' Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed Da Fukin' State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Can't Write Stories But He Bullies Me Yerno.. Fuck Me I Never Even Passed Mee GCSE English So Me Stories Are Usually Shite!!

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  1. I love how everything comes with “sea salt” on it now. So much cooler than regular salt. If you hold the fries up to your ear you can just barely hear ’em say “arrrrr”.

  2. My friend texted me at 7:50pm last night asking for my help… “Please tell me you’re still awake!!!”
    It’s 7:50
    I’m not that old
    Why would I be asleep already?

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