The Angry Andreaa Show #7

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Lastt Munff I told Yass Abwt Purple Ackky And Soo Davidd Saiid I hadd To Askk Me Dadd Abwt Daa Ova Nuttas Wot Live Inn Liverpool .. Soo Whenn ii Wentt To Hiss ii Askdd Hmm Ndd Hee Wozz Lykk ” Shuttupp Andreaa ,, Amm Puree Watchinn Daa Footii ” .. A Saidd iff Yaa Dntt Talkk Too Mee Amm Gwin .. Mahh Dadss Puree Inn aa Moodd Coz Hes Jus Got Daa Internett Buu Daa Dogs Bit Threw The Wiree .. Hahaa !! Soo Der Gettin It Sorted Hee Saidd .. Soo ii Askkd Himm Abwt Daa Nuttass Ndd Diss Iss Wott Hee SAid ..

Ders Jaffa Daa Kaffa .. He Wozz A Blackk Ladd Wiff Big Orange Hairr andd Hee Was Always Runninn Round Daa Cityy .. Lookked Likk Sum1 Stuckk A Jaffa On Hiss Edd .. Mee Dad Sayss he Still Hangss Round Daa Strandd Shopps andd Oncee Hee Wentt To watchh Liverpool Playy Footii and daa Otherr Supporterss Were puree Singin ” Whoss Daa Scouserr Wiff Daa HAirr ” LMFAOO !!

Jacko Nesbit

Jacko Nesbit

Andd Billy Beephorn Livess In Oldd Swann Byy Tescoo and Hee Standss Inn Daa Middle Off Daa Roadd Puttin Hiss Thumbbs Upp Att Yaa Till Yaa Beep Yaa Hornn Att Himm .. Makes Hiss Dayy Lykk .. Me Dadd Sayss Ders A Rumourr Goin Roundd Datt Hee Gott Runn Ovaa Byy A Buss Cozz Noo One Hass Seenn in For Ann Agee .. :shock:

Thnn Ders Cardboardd Guitarr Mann Who Goess Buskinn Inn Matheww Street Wiff A Card Board Guitarr .. Summ Peepss Call Hmm Plinketii Plinkk Coz Hee Puree Sitts Ders Gwin ” Plinketii Plinkk Plinketii Plinkk Plinkk Plinkk Plinketii Plinkk Plinkk ” .. ii Finkk Hss Namee Iss Jackoo ,, Mee Dadd Reconss Cozz Hee Gott A Bigg Whitee Beardd Daa Itss Santass Jobb Daa Restt Off Daa Year .. Shurrup Dadd .. LMFAOO !!

A Will Tell Yaa Summ Moree Whenn I Gett Mee Dadd Pisssd .. Hee Alwyyz Tells Yaa Stuff ..

Traa xxx

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I Am Andreaa And I Am Havin' A Boss Time Here Writing On Da Blog && That 'Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin' Too Old To Write && It's Doin' Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed Da Fukin' State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Can't Write Stories But He Bullies Me Yerno.. Fuck Me I Never Even Passed Mee GCSE English So Me Stories Are Usually Shite!!

28 Comments on “The Angry Andreaa Show #7”

  1. When husband doesn’t seem excited enough about the stuff I ordered off Amazon, I just order more stuff. There’s gotta be something that will get his attention. I’ll just keep ordering!

  2. Mee Dadd Sayss Derss Loadz ,, Inn Fazzakk Derss Lennii Daa Trampp nnd Evry1 Saiis Hess aa Millionairr Wiff Puree Muniess nnd aa Bigg Mansionn Buu Hee Sleepss Att Thee Buss Stopp Nearr Daa Fyree Stationnn Onn Longgmurr Lanee ..

    Whyy Wudd Yaa Doo Daa ??

  3. Got FGTH on a loop inside my head reading this…

    I’m sorry I’ve left me card at home.
    Well you’re late as well, that’s three times on the run.
    If you’re late again the supervisor said
    we’re gonna put you on daily sign-up.

  4. This is my first ever comment on Jammy Toast but I just had to say that sometimes I don’t want Jam on Toast, I just feel like a BIG FAT PIZZA… delivered quickly and cheesy as fuck!

    All this toast stuff is for the bears!

  5. The snow is melting. The plus obviously is that it’s warmer and you’re not slipping all over the place. The down side is when a month’s worth of unscooped dogshit appears.

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