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The real Rupinder Singh Grewal, more commonly known as Gippy Grewal.

For some time now I have taken the mick out of Chimpton by calling her Gippy Grewal. Poor Chimpton is the sickliest person I have ever known. It is usually self-inflicted because she never eats properly and when she does eat she eats crap. She is a vegan and you could be forgiven for thinking that vegans have a healthy diet. Well this vegan eats anything, unless it is produced by an animal. The only time I have ever seen her eat properly was during a holiday to Portugal about fifteen years ago when she took a liking to a local restaurant’s carrots and garlic served with bread and oils. She ate that much of the concoction that she had perfect 20/20 vision even in the dark and used to imagine seeing and hearing owls in the trees on the way back to our villa.

The carrots also had a terrible effect on her skin and she started looking like one of those Scousers you see walking around with the velour tracksuit, Ugg boots and a very cheap fake tan. She looked like she had either been Tangoed or was a close relative to a family of Wotsits. She also has a passion for Lay Crisps and Oreo biscuits.

All the above is when she is a happy Chimpton and actually eating.

Other times she doesn’t eat enough to keep a mouse alive and then when she does eat her body goes into shock and she starts being sick. Have you ever seen the scene from the film The Exorcist where the girl is sitting on the bed, her head spinning around and she is projectile vomiting around her bedroom? That is a normal day in the life of Chimpton.

Lately, her body has decided it doesn’t like the idea of food sitting in her stomach and so she has started suffering from reflux. This happens when some of the acidic stomach contents come back up into the oesophagus. Reflux creates a burning pain in the lower chest area, often after eating. The doctor has given her tablets which she has had an adverse reaction to – she now has the galloping trots too. Basically, she now has crap coming out of both ends. If she were an animal we would have had her put to sleep a long time ago otherwise Anthony would have been knocking on our door!

I tell you all this as background information as to why I always call her Gippy. For those who have never heard of Gippy then, according to Urban Dictionary, it is the feeling of sickness or fullness. Generally it is the feeling of being ready to hurl – it is also a shortened word for a Gay Hippy but I think we can rule that one out.

Neither Chimpton nor I do anything by half and so over time Gippy has become Gippy Grewal. I have no idea where we got that from but it got used and it kind of stuck. If you have seen Gippy Grewal leaving comments here on Jammy Toast, then I have a confession to make – it is actually me poking fun at Chimpton.

The other day curiosity got the better of me and I started to wonder where we had actually got the name from. So I Googled Gippy Grewal and it turns out he is an actual person. In fact, he is quite a famous person in India. His full name is Rupinder Singh Grewal, more commonly known as Gippy Grewal and he is an actor, singer-songwriter and film director whose works span over the Punjabi and Hindi film industry. In fact, if you have ever seen one of those Bollywood films then he was probably in it, he is that famous in India.

Furthermore, his biography is set to be released on 6th April or you can follow him on either Twitter or Facebook. If you were interested of course. Here at Jammy Toast the question is – having never seen a Bollywood film in our lives – just where the hell did we get the name from?

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  1. “Gippy” is a real word according to my dictionary but it does not mean feeling sick. According to the Collin’s English Dictionary it is an offensive word for someone from Egypt.

  2. Omgg Wozz Proppa Boredd Soo A Wozz A Bigg Macc Pleazz Pmsll .. Cozz Amm A Lill Fattiee .. Lmfao lorahh TooDayy ,, Cant Sayy Wot Happendd Lyk Cos Davidd Will Startt Fcukinn Moaninn Lyk Butt Omgg A Wass Wiv Er Nd Wee Jus Started Laffin .. Cantt Say Thoo Itss Jus Propaa DirtiiNess Nd Yaa All Too Young Too Noo !!

    Datt lorahhs Evill .. I Rotee On Mee Handd lorahh McGG Lovess Sex :shock: Nd Every1 Keptt Askinn Err Iss She Pregoo ??

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