The Toilets Of The Wirral #2

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Today we are continuing our highly entertaining feature which I feel must go down as one of the most exhilarating series we have ever posted here on Jammy Toast. I think we had just better warn anyone who has a heart condition, or who is easily excitable, to just take this slowly and do not read/view this post all at once. Over-excitement could result if you consume this little post too quickly – I would also recommend sitting down. Now, as many of you know, Razzi and I teach people to drive around the Wirral and one of the draw-backs to this is when we need an emergency wee-wee. Public Toilets around the Wirral a very few and far between. So today, we are continuing our feature where we introduce you to the wonderful toiletry arrangements offered by the Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council…

Probably our favourite public toilets on the Wirral are the ones at Thornton Hough. Although these are also run by the council, and so should be run to the same rules as all the others, they are unique in that they are open 24/7. Whenever we need an emergency wee-wee after four o’clock these are the toilets we can trust and – unlike Meols – the cleaner/caretaker never just decides to have a day off and not open up.

The toilets are located next to Thornton Hough’s central feature which is the village green with its cricket pitch, pavilion, tennis courts, and a children’s play area. As you can see from the photograph above, the toilet building itself is old and looks semi-derelict. Also the floors and walls inside are pretty poor too but they are maintained and cleaned as best as they can be.

One thing which is common to all council toilets are the McDonald’s style soap/water/hand dryer unit. I have no idea who was responsible for their purchase but the hand drier takes approximately three weeks to dry your hands and the hot water warm water tepid water dispenser is a joke. Surely hot water cleans your hands more effectively than the tepid stuff that comes out of these dispensers.

So although these toilets are not great, at least they are there and they are open.

Long may they last!

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31 Comments on “The Toilets Of The Wirral #2”

    1. As far as I know all Wirral Council toilets are free. Some toilets in shopping centres, which I think are run by the shopping centres themselves, do charge to use their facilities. The last time I visited one, it was 20p but that was a few years back.

      1. No. Those are just full of dirty old mings. I only peeped when no where near council toilets. Ewww I would rather poke my eyes out. They are horrible. Most men seemed to rather relish in my peeping haha :roflao:

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