Weather Report #13

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Here on Jammy Toast we feel it is our duty to let you know all the latest news and views, so as part of this promise we feel it is important we give you an accurate weather report. Providing this service can help you to plan your days out – would you need a raincoat or umbrella or would you be fine in just a t-shirt? As with everything else we do, we do it differently from other news and weather sites and we employ famous celebrities to tell you the weather in our own very special way. With this in mind, we have employed some of our favourite celebrities to impart the latest climatic conditions…

Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis

This month to help us with our Weather Forecast we have turned to a rather youthful Vanessa Paradis – from the days when she was really pretty, we shall not ask what is going on these days with the French actress. As you can see from the fifteen year old (!!) Vanessa, we are in for an extremely cold month, this month. For those of you who might be interested the photograph was taken while she was performing her hit single Joe Le Taxi on Top of The Pops. The song was a worldwide hit in 1988 in the days when Jimmy Savile used to work on the music chart programme. We just hope, for Vanessa’s sake, he wasn’t working the night she appeared dressed like that!

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35 Comments on “Weather Report #13”

  1. Doesn’t that make you like Jimmy Savile, as you’re perving over a 15 year old? No wonder you and Lestly get on so well, ladyboys and young girls, common ground hey. Ewww my dad the dirty old perv!! I feel a bit gippy right now :vomit:

    1. A few things:

      1. Who said I was perving? I was just passing the picture on in the interests of weather research!

      2. While I admit some ladyboys are very pretty, sorry not my thing. That is definitely Lestly’s domain.

      3. Surprised you didn’t mention that Jimmy and I have the same idea in sweatpants :dizzy:

  2. Hahaa Mee Bakk !! Aa Wentt Mee Dads Nd Daa Dogs Bit Threw The Wiree Soo Ee Got No Internett Onn :sad: Soo Der Gettin It Sorted Tomorraa .. Imm On Me Muvvas Computaa Ndd Ermm A Wanna Watch Er Telle Coz Itss Boss ..

    Hahaa !!

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