Zed Is Very Much Alive

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Zed in his brown paper bag.

We got an emergency phone call yesterday from The Chimpton to inform us there was a Renault Bear left abandoned in an antique shop in Birkenhead. Despite the fact I was dying with flu this was something we had to jump out of our sick beds for, so Razzi and I headed for the car. The Chimpton told us the shop was selling the bear for £10 but were not budging on the price. However, Razzi and I had a plan of action; I would go in first and explain to the shopkeeper that dealing in endangered species was against the law and if that didn’t work then we would send Razzi in to “have a word“.

Upon arrival I looked in the shop window and there he was sitting on a ladder holding a Christmas banner. I went in and enquired was he open to offers on the bear in the window. The shopkeeper replied that he would not take less than the ticket price for the bear. I asked if I could speak to the bear and so he went and retrieved him from the window. Upon exchanging pleasantries I noticed he was a very pleasant, good mannered young bear. The shopkeeper told me they are very collectable and rare teddy bears and worth every penny of the £10 he was asking.

I explained to the shopkeeper that Renault Bears are indeed very polite and pleasant animals to collect but that most people would not want to collect this one because someone had removed his Renault label. To a collector, this bear would be like a Steiff bear without his button.

The man looked at me like I had just landed.

I explained to him that if a Steiff teddy bear has a button in his ear. If the button has a yellow tag then these are on all unlimited Steiff bears and animals. A white tag with red writing is found on ‘Limited Edition’ Steiff bears and animals which are new to the range. A white tag with black writing means the bear or animal is a modelled on a classic bear found in the Steiff Archives. I went on to describe that Steiff bears are very expensive but if you cut the button out of their ear then price and collectability dwindles to nearly nothing. The same is true of Renault bears who should have a Renault label on their back or again, the price nosedives.

“How about £7.50,” I offered.

The shopkeeper accepted our offer and so saved himself from having to face an angry Razzi bear. He then placed the bear in a brown-paper bag, which I thought was a bit of a liberty, but he did look cute. We then brought him home and introduced him to the gang – another bear safe and sound back at Jammy Toast. All that remained was to think of a name for him.

At this point Erik, who you might remember is our resident film buff, walked up and quoted…

“Whose motorcycle is this?
It’s a chopper baby.
Whose chopper is this?
It’s Zed’s.
Who’s Zed?
Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.”

Despite the fact that this bear was very much alive we thought this was a brilliant name for our new friend.

Welcome to Jammy Toast, Zed!

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19 Comments on “Zed Is Very Much Alive”

    1. We still take in “waifs and strays” but only if they are unwanted, we no longer bid on bears on e-bay if someone else has bid on them and is going to offer the bear a good home.

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