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Welcome To Jammy Toast
The Home For All Our Special Memories…

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  • Read all our memories from days & years gone by.
  • Discover Merseyside’s secrets, past & present!
  • Uncover the childhood dreams we had and discover if they ever came true?
  • What did we get for Christmas & Birthdays all those years ago?
  • Hear of family members no longer with us.
  • Maybe even meet a teddy bear or two along the way!
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Searching For Bears

Here at Jammy Toast we also try to save unwanted and unloved teddy bears from the rubbish dumps and landfills of the country. When children grow up they are said to put away childish things but what becomes of these childish ‘toys’. We try to save these unwanted bears and provide them with a home fit for playing on the internet, watching daytime telly and eating plenty of Jammy Toast.

Think of Jammy Toast as the Fourth Emergency Service for Teddy Bears.

Our Bears

The Renault Bear originally came from France. In particular, within the regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Rhône-Alpes or the French Alps as we in England call them. The small cream coloured Bear is an animal of quiet charm and likable disposition.

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Jam Jar

…But Which Jammy Toast?

So what kind of Jammy Toast do we eat? Here at Jammy Toast our toast of choice is Hartley’s Jam. Hartley’s only use the finest fruits to make their Strawberry, Raspberry, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Black Cherry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Bramble Jelly and Damson flavours. The perfect topping for our toast. Needless to say, all these flavours are seedless. There are no pips on us!


Most of our bears eat Jammy Toast and nothing but Jammy Toast. However there are a few exceptions. Egginanoo got her name because she loves Eggy Toast while Flat Eric enjoys French cuisine – but no frog’s legs!


All the bears love a nice cup of coffee although not too strong. A milky latte is their favourite except for Egginanoo – she’s a picky little Ursus – she prefers tea. When it comes to a nice cooling drink you can’t beat a nice glass of Diet Pepsi.

And Be Merry.

Give the bears their fill of everything they want to eat, everything they want to drink and allow them their favourite daytime telly programmes then you have some happy bears on your hands. Eat, drink and they will be merry!

Now Featuring Flat Eric!

Responsive Design

Special Notice!

Everything on this site is published by myself, my bears or occasionally by guest writers. From time to time we use other sites as reference sources from which we gather facts and figures to accompany articles we publish. We merely pass on information garnered from these and other sources and add our own little twist to them. Although we do everything within our power to ensure these facts are correct, we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies made by other sites which we pass on in good faith.

A Brief History

We first started blogging in June 2006 to record the activities of Queen Ananasty, Princess Chimpton and Servant Dave (later The Bearkeeper or Davidd). Since those days our blog has undergone quite a few transformations and name changes. We have changed from Blogger to WordPress to Self-Hosted WordPress…

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It has been noted that the Jammy Toast website is somewhat colour deficient. The reason for this is that Renault Bears are achromatic – they have an inability to perceive colour due to a malfunction of the retinal photo-transduction pathway. It is more commonly referred to as Total Colour Blindness.

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