A Very Un-Royal Moment

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Other members of the Royal Family will no-doubt be telling the story of the Royal Visit to the Hairdressers yesterday so I thought I would tell you the story of a very un-Royal moment. During our visit, Queen Ananasty had to leave early for some food because she had not had one of her 16 meals a day yet. Servant Dave was dispatched to the nearest Supermarket with Queen Ananasty to decided what she would like to eat. The Queen decided she would like to purchase some bread and crisps to make “Crisp Butties” in the hairdresser’s reception area!!

The Mummy Dress

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Okay I may not be the tallest of girlies but if I wear heels I at least reach 5’3″ which isn’t that small really! As for the truck if anyone wants to offer me a ride (in a truck!!) then I would love too, but I might need a booster seat. As you can see from my picture, I do look taller in heels! As for the Mummy Dress, yes I have a son his name is Sno and he likes his mummy to look nice.

Royal Sadness

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Today has been rather a sad day, and not the usual skitting royal fun day we usually have. Today was spent at the graveside of one of our royal family members who this week would of been 30 years old if she was alive. My Princess sister died young (so no wrinkles lucky her) and this week is a difficult week for us all, we mask the fact that our hearts are heavy and that our weak smiles hide the sadness of missing someone special from our lives. If you have ever lost someone close to you, you will know of the pain and hurt you feel when you no longer have that contact no matter how big or small that contact was. The pain you see never really goes away, you can say it eases with time, then something such as a birthday crops up and once more you are thrown into a twister of emotions.

A Royal Visit To The Monkeys

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Hi this is Queen Ananasty here, i have decided to come on here because i have 2 pests hogging MY blog all the time and now it is my turn to tell you a story.One day last year me, my sister and my servant went to Stoke on Trent Monkey Forest and GUESS WHAT… we nearly never made it there as my Servant Dave got lost once again. I swear he needs a tom-tom even if he does have a map with him.