Wednesday Weigh In

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I gotta get me one of these t-shirts!

So it’s Wednesday evening once again and time for the Fatclub Weigh-in only this week I am all alone as Princess Chimpton has a Royal Garden Party to attend. This leaves me and 23 WOMEN! Ordinarily I would jump at the chance of joining 23 women but alas this is Fatclub and the women here are… well… erm… SCAREY! What with Purple Rinses and Camel-toe jogging bottoms – omg it’s GROSS!!

Weigh In Time #2

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Hello everyone, the weeks are flying by and the sun is finally out here in England we can at last say SUNNY ENGLAND and mean it!!. Its come round again, Tuesday is here and that means tomorrow is royal weigh in time. Has dad been good, has he followed the advice of Ann and lost some more of his tyre and become so much more than the babe magnet he seems to think he is (EYAK).