The Queen Gets The Chop

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Hello everyone. The time finally came, yes the Queen got the chop. She sat still for almost no time at all and they cut, they chopped and they layered our dear Queen. Of course I’m talking about her hair! The Queen who is accustomed to the finer things in life attended the hair spa today and had a scalp massage, a treatment cut and blow dry. She wanted the layered look so that she doesn’t have to bother with the fuss of messing with long hair. I don’t know what you think but I do believe my little sis looks a lot older than her years with the help of her new layered mop.

The Famous Jarmies

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Well Meffs, you have all no-doubt heard of the famous Chimpton Jarmies, well here they are. The Tigger Jarmies with matching odd socks! This is how a Chimpton spends her life curled up in her bed. I come home from work and put on a t-shirt and jogging bottoms to be comfy, some of you may do similar but this is what a Chimpton becomes once the door of her flat is closed.

Picture Of The Day #10

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Hello everyone. Me and dad argue all the time. He says I’m a short arse and I say I’m not, I’m just the right height for a small person. Now look at the picture, I told you I would find someone I was bigger than — even if it is only a mouse! I am not quite sure why the Queen is standing like she has just had an accident in her trackie but anyway…

Fatclub Report: The Truth

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The Queen acts as Swotto at Fat Club but we’re not quite sure why she has a handle sticking out of her head?

Firstly, let me confirm this week’s winner, my friend Rat from the London family of Rats (we have yet to meet sister Rat, but Mum and Dad are cool!). My friend Rat is rather a cutiepie and he’s this weeks winner well done cutie, your guess at 2lb was spot on. Now the truth… Dad glossed over last night’s fatclub to skit at the Queen so I thought I would tell you what really happened.