Welcome Evan

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It is my proud duty to welcome another Renault Bear to the ever-growing collection we have amassed here at the MEFFS Wildlife Reserve. Evan is not, as the name would imply, Welsh, but is named after his hero Van Morrison – who just happens to be Irish. Confused? I am sure you will be. Evan arrived at the weekend and has quickly settled in to life in the MEFFS H.Q. where he is now happily playing on the internet with the other RB’s.

Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone. My name is Ejay. I was named by Cydne because no one on the blog could think of a name for me. I arrived last week to live with my new friend Dave at his house and I have met alot of other Renault Bears here. We all have a great time living with Dave and he lets us play on the internet alot of the time which is really cool.

A New Friend Arrives

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Ianswered the door to the postman this morning and wondered why he had a big beaming smile on his face…until i noticed the label on the box he was delivering. So yes, you guessed it another Renault Bear has come to join the masses here at Chateau MEFFS and I guess the first thing to do is name him. Any suggestions please and don’t forget it has to start with the letter “E” and this little bear is a boy.