Bear Movies #1

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We all had a special treat last night when Dave let us stay up late and watch a film. We all sat in front of our mac and watched Layer Cake which was a bit scary because it is 15 rated. It was quite violent but funny too a bit like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. There was even a rude bit in it with a naked girl but for some reason Erasmus didn’t seem too bothered. He isn’t himself lately and we don’t know what is up with him.

The Mad’ouse Bears Go Home

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Elijah and Eirwen returned home last night leaving a very sad dejected Bear here at the MEFFS HQ. Erasmus went to bed early and was very quiet. He never even went on the Internet to check his porn downloads. That is so unlike him. Even worse, when I went in to wake him this morning he didn’t want his morning Jammy Toast!!


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Today we have a special little guy joining us at the MEFFS HQ. He is a very clever little Renault Bear who our friend Dave has rescued from eBay again. He didn’t have a name but because he is so clever all the Bears have decided to call him Einstein. He has been round for tea at K8’s and she has Lent him some of her kid’s Janet and John books so he can help Edward teaching the other Bears how to read. L also said he could wear his Einstein tie to pose for his profile pictures.

Thank You

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Hello everyone. My name is now Elmo Bear. I am the new Bear that everyone was trying to think of a name for and I have decided to be Elmo. I don’t have much to say except I just thought I would pop along and thank everyone who came up with a name for me. They were all really good but I decided to pick Elmo. I feel like a complete Bear now I have a name so thank you to everyone and a special thank you to Amethystangel for my special name.