Emo Update

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We have been getting a few requests for updates on how Emo is getting on with her Pregnancy and how some of the other Bears are doing so we thought we would bring you all up to speed. Dave took Emo out shopping to Mothercare the other day only to be shocked to learn that they do not cater for Bears and they do not carry maternity wear in her size! Maybe the name needs changing to Human Mothercare? Dave didn’t like this one bit and was just about to kick off at the store manager when Emo said she didn’t want any fuss and so they left empty handed.

We Are The Angry Bears

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We have just found another Bear on eBay. He is from Rotherham and he still has his original Story Book with him. This, in itself, is not that unusual but the Bear is being sold by someone who deals with “toys”! The cheek of some people thinking that Renault Bears are toys for the entertainment of others. Bear Keeper Dave is doing his best to save him.

Bears Are Very Impressionable

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I went out on Saturday night and left the Bears at home watching the Royal Family on DVD, I now know that was a big mistake. All the Bears are walking round talking like Jim Royal and are all shouting out at the top of their little lungs; “MY ARSE!”. I didn’t realise how impressionable a young Bears mind can be. They all love Jim Royal and have collected some of his more memorable phrases and now repeat them at will.

Bear Make-Over

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The Bear blog has had a make-over today to give us an extra SideBar for all the lists and videos. We would like to thank Douglas Bowman for the original layout and the people at Blogcrowds for the modification to his original design. Then Edward spent a couple of hours this evening editing the HTML Code to fit in with our Blog and the result is what you see before you.