Have A Happy 2008

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As we get older, we learn that even the people that weren’t supposed to ever let us down eventually do. We fight with friends, we blame the wrong person for things others have done. We worry because time is passing too fast, and we lose people we love. So, this coming year take my advice. Take too many photographs, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.

Film Quiz #3

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Last night was Saturday night and so we got to watch a film again. This week’s film was quite an old one but we really liked it and so thought we would make another Film Quiz. We have decided to open it up to everyone this week so you can ask Daddy’s, Mummy’s, Grandparents, Aunties — anyone you like!

In The Beginning

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I am getting old. Life is passing me by and I realise I am not leaving very much behind in my wake. So I am going to leave these — some blog entries. I am placing no rules upon it, just making it a place for me to talk, blow off steam, have a bitch, praise or ponder the inevitable. A little like a public diary. I do not expect anyone to read it, although I have read that statement myself on many blogs, but if anyone ever does then that’s cool.

The Bear’s Crimbo Song

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Thanks to everyone who nominated songs to be considered for the Bear’s Favourite Christmas Song. After listening to all the songs about snow and reindeer’s and happy festive themes we came upon this song. This is a song about tears, sorrow and dying. We thought that this was so different from the other Christmas songs that we would pick this as our Favourite Crimbo Song. The MEFFS Bears are always different.

New Mad’ouse Bear

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Tonight we have news of a new Bear who is joining us, or rather joining the Mad’ouse Bears. Details and Profile to follow but I thought you would all like to meet the new Bear as soon as we got a picture. Friend Of The Bears, Amafist got the Bear from Father Christmas as a present and as you can see she has been out shopping and bought her a nice top to wear.

Comment Moderation

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We have had to start Comment Moderation on the Blog because of the Flame Wars that The Queen is trying to start. From now on any comment anyone leaves on the blog will not show up until it has been approved by Bearkeeper Dave or one of the Bears. We will not be approving comments that are meant to annoy other readers of the blog! Hopefully comment moderation will be a short-term measure until some people grow up and start acting their age!