It’s A Boy…

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Today we have some great news to share with you all. Emo has had a little baby boy! The tiny little Renault Bear was born at 9:27 this morning and is healthy. Mother and baby are both doing fine. The baby, which has yet to be named, is the first of its kind to be born at the MEFFS HQ and is the first recorded evidence of Renault Bears successfully being bred outside of their native habitat in France.

Be Nice To Erasmus Day

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With all this talk of Bog Monsters from Prague and Lorah telling Erasmus that there is a Bog Monster in Bromborough too, the poor little guy has not been sleeping too well. When he does finally get some sleep we keep hearing him saying; “nooo” in his sleep. He must be having little Bear Nightmares. Once or twice this week, we have actually found him hiding under the bed! Erasmus being Erasmus though, he made out like he was trying to find something. We are not quite so sure.

Ivo Pešák Joins Dyza Boys

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Ivo Pešák — the guy with the funny dance in the Bog Monster Song — is now a member of a Czech Disco Band called The Dyza Boys and judging by the video he has lost none of his moves over the years. Interest in the original Ivana Mládka & Banjo Bandu is now reaching fever pitch on YouTube with the video gaining nearly half a million views. Many parodies of the original are also appearing but alas, none can match the originality and wit of the original.

Ivana Mládka & Banjo Bandu

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After featuring the Bog Monster Song the other day and not knowing much about who the band were, we decided to see what we could find out. Erasmus didn’t sleep the night we found out about the Monster and then when Laura told him on her driving lesson that there was a Bog Monster in Bromborough… well that was it, he was hiding under the bed that night!