Final Proof

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From time to time people try and explain to me that the Bears aren’t real. They tell me I am deluding myself into thinking they are alive and that they are nothing but stuffed animals. I know these people are just being nasty and hurtful but until now I have not had the proof to prove them wrong — until now!

What We’ve Got Here Is Failure To Communicate

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The world has had some great actors over the years. These actors have made great films and become huge superstars. Occasionally an actor comes along who surpasses all that and becomes like a favourite uncle you only ever see once or twice a year. To me, Paul Newman was such a person. I never met him except in films like; Butch Cassidy, Cool Hand Luke and who can forget his portrayal of Fast Eddie Felson. He was, in a similar way to people like James Dean, an anti-hero. He brought a wry impertinence to the roles he played and people liked his anti-authoritarian spirit.

Film Quiz #10

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It’s time for the Film Quiz again. We have tried to make this one a tough one so see if you can name the film that this guy plays the baddie in. In case you haven’t played this before, just look at the picture above and tell us which film the Bears are watching. Please don’t email me your answers, instead put them in the Comments Section.

The Linzi Show #2

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Hi Everyone. I thought I would write a story for the blog cos I aint done one for a while and well today I have a great story about the arrival of lil Ralph. As u probably noticed lately, I av been commenting a lot about a certain “speshul lil someone” and for once it wasnt razzi, lol. Well on Tuesday I had a lil delivery arrive at my house in the shape of a puppy (luckily he wernt delivered by a postman otherwise who knows he mite not of got here alive cos we know wot he is like delivering these bears hahaha). Anyway, yes my puppy arrived at 7:30 in the evening and straight away I fell in love with him.