Fully Qualified

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Well its taken a little longer than expected but he has finally done it, yep Dad is now a fully qualified driving instructor. He has been taking learner mongs out driving for over a year now and this week he passed his part three examination, so hes qualified for perving, looking down girls tops as they learn to reverse park and generally doing what he does best, looking at boobs! So just thought I would pop along and say well done — for passing not perving!

Eldon Has Square Eyes

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Mike Teevee — the new bear — has finally decided he would like to be called Eldon. We were fed up of waiting for a reply from him so we turned the telly off and said it wasn’t going back on until he decided what he wanted to be called. He said that Ekim sounded too much like Eyak so he wanted Eldon and it sounded posh too!

Mike TV Arrives

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Anew Bear has joined us today and alas he has no name. We wanted to call him Mike because all he does is watch TV and hog the remote. Just Like Mike Teevee in Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, he just wants to watch TV all day. So far today he has watched a double-bill of Jeremy Kyle, Ricki Lake, Deal or No Deal and now he is sitting here watching Golden Balls. We could also have called him Chimpton because we know a certain Chimpton who watches a great deal of TV too. He thinks he owns the TV because no one else is getting a look in.

Teddy Bears On Arctic Trip

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ATeddy Bear has returned following a trip to the Arctic. The bear, named Echo, was one of 135 taken on the trip by Heather and Geoff Thompson, from Darlington. The couple raised £29,500 for charity by hosting the world’s most northerly Teddy Bear’s Picnic, in North Cape, Norway. Sponsors paid £100 for their Bear to make the trip.

Eddie Gets A Visitor

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As you may be aware, Friday was Davidd’s Birthday and he went out to celebrate with his Daughter Chimpton and Queen Ananasty. At the end of the evening he called into Chimpton’s to visit our old friend Eddie. If you have been following the blog for a while you will know that Eddie was the very first Renault Bear we adopted. He was the Bear who started all this off. These days he lives with Chimpton and spends all day in bed with his wife Edwina watching Daytime TV and once Chimpton gets home it’s usually an evening of QVC.

I Told You So

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I did tell you that they wouldn’t like it didn’t I? Well we all met up the other night for a planning session to decide upon a new layout for the blog. First job was to take a photograph of the gruesome twosome that they both liked. Three hours and six hundred odd pictures later we had a photograph that was acceptable to both the Queen and Chimpton.