Pedo Bear

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The Bears were actually shocked today to learn the lengths some will go to damage the reputation of poor Teddy Bears. Apparently, in America, they are using a Bear to teach children of the dangers that lurk on the Internet from Paedophiles. They liken Paedophiles to Bears because although they may look cute and cuddly; in reality they would rip your face off. Just as paedophiles may pretend to be your friend when really they have other motives.

Do Bears Really Crap In The Woods?

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Iwas having a conversation today with our very own Linzi, when she happened to mention Bears Pooping in the Woods. This had me wondering just how many People have been asking this question and for how many years? It’s like the question; “Is the Pope a Catholic?”. The two seem to go together well…

Fat Club Thursday #4

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The Bears here yet again. Davidd didn’t do quite so well this week but still managed to lose a pound and a half. Although a little disappointed; at least he isn’t putting weight on via his visits to McDonald’s, KFC and Subway. In fact, some of The Bears heard rumours this week that McDonald’s might be laying staff off in the Birkenhead area since Davidd has stopped “snacking” there.

Ashley Shocks The Bears

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If you are by any chance standing up to read this post then I would sit down if I were you! The unthinkable has happened! Today in school, our very own Andrea was causing mayhem and causing trouble in class, as always, when she bit off more than she could chew. She started kicking Ashley, who is currently asking if she can become a Friend Of The Bears. Well Ashley was taking no more messing from The Bears Head Of Security and she turned round and kicked Andrea back.

A Big Thanks To Edward

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As you have probably noticed The Bear Blog is more or less back up and running after the move to WordPress. Most of the hard word over the last few days has been undertaken by Edward who has been busy learning how WordPress works not to mention learning how to program in CSS and configure Widgets. He then had to import all the Bear Postings from The Queen’s Blog and everything from The Old Bear Blog at Blogger.

Welcome To Our New Home

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After a good deal of upheaval and a few late nights, we are now in our new home. We decided not to be cheapskates and take a free WordPress Account but instead pay for some professional hosting from those great people at Weycrest Hosting. This, amongst other things, will enabled us to host our very own WordPress Install and have our very own Domain Name. So The Bears new home is now here at