How Not To Feed A Hungry Bear

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Here at the Bear Sanctuary we know what it is like at feeding time. If you have ever seen a hungry Renault Bear, dying for some Jammy Toast it is an experience you will never forget. In addition, their table manners leave a great deal to be desired and they tend to make an unholy mess into the bargain.

Granny And The Evaporated Milk

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I was watching GMTV the other morning before leaving for work. They were discussing the funny things children come out with when they had an email from a viewer who explained what their five-year-old granddaughter had said when visiting them. The child was searching through the kitchen cupboards when she found a tin of evaporated milk. She turned around to her Granny and asked why she had bought it because, “There is nothing in that tin, it is empty”.

What Do The Press Know?

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The Bears read the Daily Mirror most days and I know that other newspapers are the same concerning celebrities. Sometimes it seems like the press hate that people are stars and ordinary people in the street are interested in their lives. The press seem to enjoy building unknowns into stars just so that they can knock them down again once they become famous.

Alex Becomes A Hero

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From time to time, The Bears award the title of Hero of the Bears to someone who we think has had a big impact on others in any way whatsoever. They maybe someone famous known the world over or some unsung hero who does something for others without any reward for themselves. The one thing you do need to become a Hero of the Bears is you have to be someone very special!