The Royal Wedding

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The Royal Wedding is finally over and we can all now get back to a little semblance of normality. Although we all complained about it distracting us from our usual daytime telly programmes, we must confess we did become caught up in the moment. Without an exception, all The Bears and myself sat and watched the proceedings and we must confess to enjoying the occasion.

Razzi Ruins The Royal Wedding

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Razzi & Kate elope from Westminster Abbey.

The whole world stood agasp today as Razzi turned up at Westminster Abbey and ruined the day for Prince William. Kate Middleton took one look at him and decided she wanted to run off with our Razzi rather than marry William. In what can only be described as the shock of the century Kate just could not resist Razzi and his furry little charms.

Granny And The Flask

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Today Granny surpassed herself and all her previous Grannyisms when it came to light what she had been up to this time. Granny likes to take a flask to bed with her so that when she wakes up in the early hours she can have a drink. Each night she boils the kettle and makes her flask ready to take to bed with her. Last night was no exception. She made her flask and picked up the milk bottles to put out for the milkman to collect the next morning.

Bear News #60

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As we are about to enter the latest Bank Holiday weekend we thought we would bring everyone up to date with a few things around the Bear Sanctuary. Firstly, we have our eyes on another Bear that should be heading our way by the end of this evening. We do not want to count our chickens before they have hatched so we cannot divulge too much on this story but as the old saying goes, watch this space.

Salome Maloney

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We have not heard from our Poet Laureate for a couple of weeks so we feel we are overdue another tome from The Bard of Salford. This poem is entitled Salome Maloney and is about a woman who is the belle of the ball at The Ritz Ballroom in Manchester. With her lacquered beehive and dressed in Lurex and Terylene she is Salome Maloney, the Queen of the Ritz…

John Sullivan Death; Our Loss

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The Bears and I were saddened over the weekend to hear of the death of John Sullivan following a short illness, at the age of 64. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to feel at the death of celebrities because we do not know them personally neither have we ever met them. In the case of John Sullivan, we are saddened because he is someone’s father or husband; but mostly we will miss his writing skills.