Time For A Change?

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Every six months or so, we get bored with the Blog and decide on a change round. Well guess what? It has been over seven months since we last had a change but we are in two minds what to do. On the one hand we could keep the current theme which we have been using since the New Year and maybe change the colours round. On the other hand, we could change over completely to a new theme.

In The Beginning…

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The most common question I get asked about our Bears is how did it all start – where did the first Bear come from or why did we start rescuing them? Well it all began back in December of 2006 when we had decided to go on holiday to Egypt. Myself and my Chimpton daughter were all packed and ready to go when a friend of ours, Tony, told us that his Teddy Bear had never been on holiday. In his whole life, his Bear had never ventured very far and he asked if we could take him with us as a special treat for his Teddy Bear.

Save Paloh The Baby Elephant

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The Bears were horrified to learn yesterday of the cruel and inhuman treatment of baby zoo elephant Paloh. She is being held in a Malaysian zoo with her legs chained together so tightly that she can’t lie down or even move. We are asking everyone to join the campaign by joining the Facebook page setup to help save her.

World’s Most Expensive Teddy Bear

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We have been wondering lately about who is the most expensive Teddy Bear in the world. A few years ago Mr Bean’s Teddy Bear from the television series, sold for only a couple of hundred pounds. Many Bears sell through eBay for hundreds of pounds and every so often you hear of ones selling at auction for thousands of pounds – but which Bear would be the world’s most expensive?

England Win First Test

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The Bears and I have spent a brilliant day watching the final day of the Lord’s Test Match. James Anderson claimed a five-wicket haul as England stormed into a 196-run victory over India in what was a thrilling match. Needing nine wickets to win this morning, England needed to perform in order to dismiss India and take a one-nil lead in the series.

Thanks Yummy

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So the past few weeks have been like a rollercoaster. Some days I’m fine and think being made redundant isn’t that bad and then other days I cry like a baby panicking over how the hell I’m going to cope on benefits. I am the type of person who doesn’t really know how to talk or express myself very well and find running and hiding much much easier which isn’t always the best thing to do.