Uncle Sam’s On Mars

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Here at the Birkenhead Bear Sanctuary we are getting a little confused. Some might say it doesn’t take much to confuse me and a few bears but this time we have thought long and hard about the subject and we are still confused. We just cannot understand how things that are so similar can be treated so differently be our American cousins.

Razzi Writes #9

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Hi everyone, this is Razzi here again with my very own column where I write about everything to do with the Bear Sanctuary, the Bears, our Friends and of course Mr Bearkeeper himself. If you remember back to last October our Bearkeeper started back for his third try at Fat Club and a few of you have been asking how he is getting on. So the first thing I will do this week is bring you up to date with our Bearkeeper’s fat fighting.

Musical Sunday #83

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If you have been following the bears for a while, you will know that on the old blog we decided that because Sunday’s are always boring we would turn them into musical fun days. We have decided to continue this tradition here at Jammy Toast. Each Sunday we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to our friends. Today we have decided to feature…

Stop Harming Our Bears

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We have published late today because we have been involved in a bit of undercover work but didn’t want to tip off anyone by posting of our suspicions. We have been hard at work today in an attempt to rescue two unwanted Renault Bears while someone else is out there trying to sabotage our efforts. Someone is attempting to outbid us on eBay in what is the latest in a long line of attempts to undermine our altruistic efforts.

Bear News #72

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One or two of you have been asking who the “more mature” visitors to the blog are. Previously, because of the Andrea connection, we have attracted half of the female population of Kirkby but now we seem to be getting a little more cosmopolitan with visitors from overseas. In the last few weeks we have had visitors from California, New York, Canada, Australia, parts of Europe and even Russia. Just how they found us we have no idea – we have only ever heard of one Renault Bear from another country and that was indeed from Russia – but please make them feel welcome.

Someone Not Too Boring

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Last November, Keely Wilson, an English teacher at a south-London secondary school applied to the Speakers for Schools project for someone to come and talk to her school. In her application she wrote that she wanted someone interesting to visit who could hold the attention of the pupils at her school – someone not too boring. Yesterday, pupils at Deptford Green School gathered in their school hall were told to “face the front and look interested” as in walked… BILL GATES!

The World Has Gone Mad #1

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From time to time we hear of stories that just do not make sense. From people in power getting away with abusing that power to double standards in high office – it happens more than it should. Today we start a new series of posts aimed at highlighting the way some people get away with murder – in some cases, the world has literally gone mad…