The Bears vs YouTube

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As many of our long term readers will know, we have been having a battle with YouTube for some time. We joined the video sharing site before it was purchased by Google and all was honky dory. Then Google purchased the site and every copyright holder on the planet threatened legal action if they didn’t remove any music containing a copyright claim. All the videos we made and posted to YouTube were our own but with commercial music used as overlays. Copyright holders didn’t like that.

It’s Good To Talk Shit #57

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All our friends seem to like our Open Nights or, as we like to call them, our “It’s Good To Talk” nights where literally anything goes. We have not had one this month so, seeing as we are nearly at the end of the month, we thought we had better have one. In case you have been living in a hole for the last five years or you have not come across one before an Open Night is when literally anything goes. Confused? Okay, let me explain…

Jack Tramiel, Who Is He?

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I was particularly saddened last night when I discovered that Jack Tramiel died back in April. His death could not have been widely reported otherwise I would have heard and yet he had a great influence on many people in this country who work in the IT. Everyone knows who Bill Gates is, most people know who Steve Jobs was but I bet hardly anybody reading this will know who Jack Tramiel was.

Things Must Be Bad

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Things are bad at the moment with people having little money and then if they do manage to save some then their banks computer crashes and they can’t get at it. People are being laid off work, prices keep raising and everyone fears for the worst as the country is gripped by a recession. We thought things were bad but didn’t realise that it was so bad that even the Prime Ministers cat walked out of the house and lay down in traffic yesterday.

Razzi Writes #11

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Hi Everyone, I have got my column back after Davidd took it off me. He didn’t want me having two columns and because I am writing the scary column he said I couldn’t carry on with my own. I don’t think he likes me being too popular. It’s not my fault I have good looks and all this charisma, is it? So just to keep everyone happy, I am going to continue to write the ‘Razzi’s Scary Monsters’ column and keep this column going too so that everyone can hear what I have been up to. The only change is; instead of calling it Razzi’s Column (Davidd’s idea) I have decided to call it Razzi Writes (my idea) – it kind of has that ring to it.

Time To Settle An Argument

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Sometimes even the best of friends have disagreements. It is the signs of a good relationship to want to solve any arguments amicably and then get on with the relationship. Sometimes it will take a compromise, other times it might need one party to admit they were wrong and to back down. Arguments even happen amongst bears and this is the problem we are trying to solve today. Furthermore, the instigator of the argument is Razzi!

Musical Sunday #97

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If you have been following the bears for a while, you will know that on the old blog we decided that because Sunday’s are always boring we would turn them into musical fun days. We have decided to continue this tradition here at Jammy Toast. Each Sunday we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to our friends. Today we decided to feature