The Face Behind The Scream

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We haven’t heard from our friend John Cooper Clarke for a while, so we must surely be overdue for one of his distinctive poetic offerings. However, before we come to that we thought we would let you all know that October is National Poetry Month and John will be touring. See his website for a full list of dates, but he is in Liverpool at The Philharmonic Hall on Wednesday, 10th October if you would like to see him in person. Enough said, over to John…

Our View Of The Opening Ceremony

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With all the turmoil over the weekend we did not get our chance to let everyone know what we thought of the Olympic Opening Ceremony. We do not normally like opening ceremonies, they are usually boring and predictable and the Olympic one is probably the worst of the lot. How can you make it interesting watching thousands of athletes marching into the stadium? Tedious is the word that springs to mind. However, bring in film director Danny Boyle to plan the whole event and it takes on a whole new level of excitement. In a word, it was brilliant!

“Twiggy” Dies

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The Bears and I were upset last night to hear of the death of “Twiggy” – Jim Royle’s lazy, thieving mate from the Royle Family. It is a tribute to his acting ability that none of the bears even knew who Geoffrey Hughes was, yet they regarded Twiggy as one of their mates since his appearances in The Royle Family. Who could ever forget the scene from the TV comedy where Twiggy and Jim are decorating in time to Lou Bega’s Mambo #5? A classic of British comedy!

Miss Chimpton Replies

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Today, I would like to set the record straight concerning yesterday’s post concerning my accusations of neglect of the bears by the Bearkeeper and the Jammy Toast logo being “bling”. I shall address the issues which have been raised, not by me but, by exaggeration and the over active imagination of Mr Bearkeeper. In other words, he is just trying to stir up trouble for his own satisfaction and to cause a war of words here on the Bear Blog.

Accusations Of Bear Neglect and “Bling”

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We have been accused of having a “Bling” logo on our website and that we do not look after our bears properly. The accusations come from Miss Chimpton who says we have far too many bears to be able to care for them as well as we should. When I explained that we do not look after our bears, because here at Bear Sanctuary we teach our bears to be self-sufficient, she would have none of it. However, it is the accusation of “bling” that has really upset Egginanoo.

Egginanoo’s Art #3

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I have been busy since my last post drawing pictures from around Merseyside. I also got a little carried away during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and drew Buckingham Palace. I was passing through the Dingle with Davidd the other week when I noticed the roads where they used to film Bread – the comedy series from a few years ago. Those roads that run down towards the docks are amazing and so I couldn’t help but stop for a little drawing session.